Bloemfontein Zoo closes down

Bloemfontein zoo closes down – SPCA helps to relocate animals

Bloemfontein Zoo is closed downThe Bloemfontein SPCA recently collaborated with the department of small business development, tourism and environmental affairs (DESTEA). Various rescue organisations came to help relocate destitute animals of the Bloemfontein Zoo. This after DESTEA closed the zoo in December last year, citing the failure of legitimate permits. 

Since December, the Bloemfontein SPCA has been monitoring and assessing the animals’ wellbeing

But the SPCA soon realised the situation was dire. Among the welfare issues plaguing inspectors was food, territory, and lack of veterinary assistance. However, the SPCA’s inspector Tebogo raised the alarm that the Bloemfontein Zoo’s animals were in urgent need of help. He prompted a massive collaboration effort. 

Bloemfontein Zoo ClosesAccording to the Bloemfontein SPCA’s statement, Destea assisted with permission for animals to leave the premises to better facilities, notably ones able to simulate their natural habitats as much as possible. On Tuesday, the Bloemfontein SPCA said that all animals, except one buffalo, have officially been relocated to wildlife sanctuaries across the country. The buffalo will be relocated later. 

Bloemfontein zoo closes down – We could not have done this without the approval of DESTEA

In particular, Mme Nozi Nkoe, Lucky and Doctor Bongani came on board in aid of all the animals. The animals were relocated to Johannesburg Wildlife Vet, Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary, Four Paws South Africa and Lions Rock, Love Lions Alive Project, Shamwari’s Born Free Foundation, Jukani, Birds of Eden and Monkeyland, De Wildt, Old Chapel Vet Clinic and the Humane Society International Africa. 

Bloemfontein Zoo ClosesAll organisations opened their doors at their own costs and took in an array of reptiles, mammals, birds and birds of prey, farm animals, rodents, primates and predators. Bloemfontein SPCA has appealed to the public to donate to the above organisations and to continue their support for them as well. 


Bank: ABSA
Account name: BFN Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Account number: 927 910 2644
Branch code: 632 005
Savings account
Reference: Zoo

You can also send an SMS to 42646 with the word Bloemspca, at a cost of R30, or visit their website,, and click on the donate button.

Animals Starved To Death in Bloemfontein zoo

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