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To submit information about a facility you found online might have spotted, or that you have visited unknowingly, please use the SUBMIT INFORMATION FORM. We will only accept materials through this online secure submission platform. Our mission is to expose predator breeders – canned hunting farms – lion slaughterhouses – big cat abusers – places entertaining with lion petting & lion walking scams – roadside zoos – facilities conning volunteers in Southern Africa. We do this so the public can put pressure on South Africa’s government to close the industry down.

If your business is not presented correctly, contact Captive Lion Rescue with this form and we fix it immediately.


We gather critical information from public sources such as Facebook, Tripadvisor as well as from the listed facilities own websites. We use the experience & knowledge of many volunteers as well as public key-figures to help to end these businesses. Captive Lion Rescue is as accurate as possible.

As we rely on publicly available information, none of our authors, contributors, administrators or anyone else connected with Captive Lion Rescue, in any way whatsoever, can be held responsible for the information presented on this website, nor for any damage on your business. Contact us and we fix it immediately if your business is not presented correctly!

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