Jabula Big Cat Sanctuary

Jabula Big Cat Sanctuary

EXTREME CAUTION ADVISED. Owner Craig Busch is accused of animal cruelty, convicted on two charges of assaulting his former partner, unlawfully retaining property etc.

Jabula Big Cat Sanctuary is home to the well-known Lion Man, Craig Busch. The reserve is only two hours drive from OR Tambo International Airport and 40 minutes away from Sun City, it boasts an abundance of birdlife and wild animals and it is home to some of the world’s rarest animals: Lions, Tigers & Cheetah

Their Mission:

To preserve wildlife and wild places through science, conservation action, education, and inspiring people to value nature.

Lion and Lion Man face to face

The sanctuary offers a variety of wildlife experiences including game drives, park tours, big cat interaction and unique safari experience with the Lionman. We also offer an unforgettable volunteering experience where you will gain great insight and knowledge about our Big Cats. Jabula Big Cat Africa is unquestionably the true spirit of Africa.

Their Vision:

Jabula Big Cat Africa envisions a world where wildlife thrives in healthy lands, valued by societies that embrace and benefit from the diversity and integrity of life on earth.

Jabula the lion in jabula big cat sanctuary

Saloni the Tiger in jabula big cat sanctuary

Jabula’s Classification:

Jabula’s owner, Internationally known as The Lion Man (Craig Busch),  is facing allegations of animal cruelty after a witness claims he has separated a baby giraffe from its mother, almost killing it in the process, just to get pictures with it. Furthermore, Craig Busch assaulted his partner, as a result, he received 2 counts of assault charges.

Craig Busch and the giraffe calf he ‘captured’. A witness said Busch nearly killed the calf just to get his shots.

Furthermore, images were shared across social media sites of Craig abusing the baby giraffe. The following is a quote from the event:

Craig Busch can be seen hauling the giraffe into a trailer, and then dragging it on a lead.

Ex workers of Jabula Big Cat Sanctuary near Rustenburg claimed that there were acts of abuse happening in the “Sanctuary”

Critics said the following, after the allegations of Craig abusing animals, were made:

He is not the animal lover he purports to be, but is only in it for the fame and money.

Furthermore, Fransisco Garcia tells his side of what happened:

the baby giraffe, Zenda, was just a few hours old, Craig and another man went to capture it.

Craig was all excited, arranged for the trailer, went to fetch the creature, brought it there to his house and he still said to me if anybody asks about the giraffe just tell them that the mother pushed it away.

And then immediately after that, he was on the phone telling the whole world he’s got himself a giraffe.

The poor thing couldn’t even stand on its feet yet.

Jabula’s Official Website
Craig Busch on Facebook

Craig Busch dragging the Giraffe with a rope

Craig Busch with the assaulted baby giraffe

Jabula Big Cat Sanctuary, Rustenburg, North West, South Africa
Jabula’s Tel Number: 072 982 4003

Zues the Cheetah


Jabula serves our community in a big way by protecting and caring for animals. They have been taking care of many animals for a few years now with relatively positive feedback, however, the recent allegations received from many of its workers and witnesses may reveal that Jabula is neglecting its animals. As for its owner, the Assault Charges and allegations of animal cruelty makes it hard to trust him to be in control of a wildlife sanctuary. We just hope that Jabula will fix any internal issues and negligent harm will not come to the animals in their care.

Jabula's Official Website
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Volunteers Beware

If you know about a similar centre, report here, please!

Claws out over Lion Man Craig Busch’s new park in South Africa

Claws out over Lion Man Craig Busch

2 thoughts on “Jabula Big Cat Sanctuary”

  1. Excellent work on exposing the truth of these organisations. I hope this will help to prevent cruelty towards our beloved animals in the future.

  2. I think Craig Busch is a very cleaver man.
    Who? Has put their life in jeperdy with wild animals to show us the beauty of them like he has. There is danger at every turn and Craig needs to be in charge to do his work. To do what he does he needs the love and recpect of the animals as he has for them, and it shows. A tiger that lets a human near when it has just given birth is at its most protective and to give Craig that trust is mind boggaling. It must be very hard work. Keep going Craig and make more TV documenteries. I will be waiting. Regards
    Patricia. The Cotswolds, England.

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