Pienika Farm

Pienika Farm

Update 2.8.2019 – Disgusting Find at Follow-Up visit

NSPCA at Jan Steinmanns Farm: Inspectors from the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) Wildlife Protection Unit carried out a follow-up inspection in July 2019.

The Inspectors obtained a warrant and found minimal improvement of the conditions on this farm. A lion cub was found dead and stored in a cold room. Two more lion cubs were found concealed in a crate in a warehouse. They showed similar symptoms to the two cubs that were removed in April. The facility’s veterinarian euthanased the two cubs. Two carcasses were removed for post mortem examinations. On further investigation, the NSPCA at Jam Seinmanns farm found a chest freezer with approximately 20 carcasses of lion and tiger at varying ages. The NSPCA removed a further five carcasses for post mortem examinations to determine the cause of death and will be laying further charges in terms of the Animals Protection Act No 71 of 1962.

The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) charged lion farmer Jan Steinman - Pienika Farm - with contravening the Animal Protection Act this past weekendMay 2019

South Africans are calling the neglected lions found at Pienika farm one of the most shocking cases they’ve ever seen

More than 100 lions and other animals were found diseased and overcrowded in Pienika Farm. When NSPCA inspectors visited the farm, they saw 27 lions afflicted with mange and, in some cases, near death. It was so severe that they’d lost almost all their fur. The inspectors reported that the animals were held in filthy enclosures. For instance, more than 30 predators were held in spaces meant for two. At least three cubs were suffering from a neurological condition called meningoencephalitis. Meningoencephalitis is an inflammation of the brain that leaves the cubs unable to walk. One was subsequently euthanized by a veterinarian at the facility. Indeed, animals in South African’s breeding facilities are often kept in unsatisfactory living conditions.

100 neglected lion at Pienika Farm exposing Jan Steinmann

Pienika farm is owned by Jan Steinman

Steinman is a council member of the South African Predator Association (SAPA). The organization favours captive breeding and asserts that hunting is legitimate and ecologically responsible. It obviously requires members to maintain high ethical standards. The NSPCA has charged Steinman with violating South Africa’s Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962. The charge could result in a fine of up to about $2,700 or one year in jail for each charge that leads to a conviction.

The trade serves as an alternative to the tiger bone trade for traditional medicine in Asia. Animals used for tourism or trophy hunting need to appear healthy. Someone breeding lions for the lion bone trade doesn’t care what those lions look like. They don’t need to look or to be healthy. At the end of the day, all they’re going to do is end up in a bag of bones is going to go to Asia.

The Pienika lions fate depends on the results of the investigation and the subsequent court case. However, these lions can not survive in the wild. They’ve been in captivity their whole lives. There aren’t by far not enough reputable sanctuaries in South Africa to take so many animals. In light of that, the predators are still kept at Pienika.

Lions slaughtered for Lion Bone Sale


Evidently, the accused will likely hire a powerful lawyer. He will receive a slap on the wrist. Of course, if the lions had a voice, they would be roaring for the courts to come down and decide. Yes, we actually do need fair and first-world standards for the welfare of our species.


Pienika Farm is situated near Lichtenburg.


Disgusting find at follow-up visit
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A vast majority of South Africans believes the lion breeding industry harms the country’s international reputation – LINK



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  1. You disgusting human being how could you do this to one of life’s beautiful creatures. All for money, greed I hope you rot in hell. Karma will come to you and I hope you die a slow and painful death

  2. Jan Steinman you are a piece of shit! I hope your fate is far worse than what you’ve done to these poor animals! You deserve to be locked in a cage where you can rot until you end up in hell

  3. This is absolutely cruel and disgusting and to think that this is what humans are capable off is just shocking and appalling. Sorry to say but there is a special place in hell for people who torture and abuse god’s creation and I pray that god makes you feel the pain you’ve caused these animals

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