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Predator World is located in the Pilanesberg area, 8 minutes from Sun City. They boast offering a great opportunity to see many of Africa’s predatory species at close quarters. Qualified guides would share interesting information on each animal. But a look at various reviews shows that the guides are the only highlights at this place. The park is described as a rundown zoo. Animals are extremely poorly kept. They are kept in small enclosures and are lethargic and miserable. The park attracts customers mainly by offering animal interaction and pseudo-education / aka the usual petting scam. Various predator species are kept/bred, Bengal Tigers, Lions, Hyenas, Leopards and more.

Predator World Pilanesberg Lion Petting Walking

A deeper look into the Pilanesberg Predator World activities reveals some shocking images

Research quickly revealed that their business segment might be a bit different? Apart from other big cats also LIGERS are bred. Like all big-cat hybrids, they frequently suffer from neurological defects, sterility, cancer, arthritis, organ failure, and diminished life expectancy.

Predator World Sun City breeding LigersThe question surely is, why to breed hybrids? Many of the lion breeders now also breed tigers and their bones are being shipped out as lion bones. Tigers are also being crossed with lions creating even bigger animals and thus more skeleton mass so that the carcasses will fetch a higher price. Sale of tiger bone products is illegal in Southeast Asia. Hence, South Africa is complicit in the illegal trade by not only illegally supplying tiger bones but also lion bones in ever-increasing quantities, knowing that they are finally sold to the end-user as tiger bone.

Playing god in Africa?

The very existence of ligers, tigons and other feline hybrids comes down to humans. In their endless quest for money and new types of entertainment, unscrupulous organisations play God and create real-world chimaeras to be used as curiosities in zoos and other wildlife parks. While Ligers are a mix between a male Lion and a female Bengal Tiger, the Pilanesberg Predator World seems to do some more experiments. A mix between a Lion and a Caracal?

Predator world Sun City breeding big cat hybrids

Some visitors quotes

A bad excuse for a zoo
This place is nothing short if. day light robbery, other than the fact that it presents the only opportunity to see wild cats which you won’t see inside pilanesberg park, the animal conditions are so bad yet they charge exorbitant prices.


I visited the tiger cub petting site in March 2018
I was disappointed at the size of the enclosures and the cheetah have worn a track along the fence line. A sign of boredom! The tiger cubs had been removed from their mother just for patting! They did not sanitise hands or feet on way in or out which can lead to transmission of disease. the guide even said that “I think Puma come from Australia1” I don’t think So !!!! Was very disheartened regarding this section of Predator World


A complete disaster
I took my wife and kids to see the animals there. The enclosures for one are way to small. The hide’s they sleep in is a fire hazard of note, if it rains they will get very wet. The water containers are full of old brown and black water with ants all over. I wish i could post pics so you can see the conditions of these preditors. The king of african bush at this place get’s treated like a second hand show piece. No good food for them either they survive on chickens. Will never go there again and will advise people not too either. Its is very upsetting


Very disappointing!
Do not come expecting to see many animals. There are giraffe, different deer and warthog (we didn’t even see any zebra). As for the “ZOO”, it was awful. So many large wild animals behind cages. We were there at feeding time and it’s really disturbing watching them throw raw chickens into an enclosure for lions, cheetahs etc. These animals are natural predators and hunt for their food. The enclosures are small. I wasn’t expecting to see animals in a “zoo”-like setting, but that’s what you will get. It was a total waste of a day that I had to spend in SA as well as a waste of money.


Petting scam at Pilanesberg Predator World


Why are people still visiting such a rundown place? A place, not even 10 km from the Pilanesberg Reserve? First of all, the website seems that the place is all about education and looks as if they are providing a valuable service. Correspondingly many people still think they are helping in conservation.


Google maps review
Small Lion or tiger cubs sitting in a tiny cage with no shelter and not even water must get used to interaction with people before they are being shipped off to a zoo. All of this right next to a park where the animals are in their natural habitat and roam free. Don’t know what the rest of the place looks like, just wanted to get out as soon as possible .



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