Tshukudu Game Lodge

Tshukudu Game Lodge

Tshukudu Private Game Reserve borders the world renowned Greater Kruger National Park and combines home comforts with the exciting Big 5 safari experience (Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Leopard and Buffalo). The lodge has magnificent views of the Drakensberg Mountains and offers close encounters with some of the rehabilitated orphaned animals in their natural habitat. Tshukudu Game Lodge where exclusivity is assured, covers 3800ha of prime Bushveld and is situated close to Hoedspruit in the Limpopo Province.

Tshukudu Game Lodge

Their Aim:

Since we opened in 1980, Tshukudu has restocked many other reserves in South Africa with wild animals and have been
actively involved in the rehabilitation of orphaned animals back to the wild.

Tshukudu Game Lodge’s CLASSIFICATION:

This lodge has a long streak of failures and animal abuse. they do not care about the animals, the employee’s are disrespectful to the customers and animals breaking their own rules by harassing the animals and visitors.

Visitors Quotes:
Exhibit A:

At the beginning of the first game drive we found elephants near the road. We were six people in that car plus our guide. We stopped to take pictures and see the animals behaving normally. The other car arrived, with another group of six plus its guide (DJ). Even though we were instructed at the beginning of our drive to not speak loud, respect the animals, etc, this second car arrived with the people shouting and laughing loudly. They were drinking beers and smoking.

Exhibit B:

he caught the attention of one adult elephant and started to feed him with chips! when the chips were gone, someone handled a bag of chocolate peanuts. Then, in just one second, that happened: the elephant grabbed the entire bag and swallowed it. The driver tried to pull back the car, but as it was crossed in the middle of the road it started to lean, the elephant stepped towards the car placing its head right above the people inside, who had to bend in their sits to avoid the horns, the driver moved forward and back, trying to get out of there, only to lean the car to a point that one lady fell off the vehicle.

Exhibit C:

It feels wrong to have waiters pushing on you to buy drinks. If I say one time that I do not want nothing to drink, take it. I had to say “no” three times to a persistent waiter.

Exhibit D:

They do rev the vehicles near the lions, and although it seems just a funny harmless way to provoke roaring, it is too unnatural. Same as when the driver moves inside the vehicle to capture their attention a few seconds. Doesn’t feel right.


Official Website Tshukudu Game Lodge

Farm Paris, Hoedspruit, 1380

Tshukudu Game Lodge’s Tel Number: 015 793 2476


Tshukudu Game Lodge Is an abusive and disrespectful facility. furthermore, they do not care about the safety and well being of the animal’s and visitors. Furthermore, This lodge is hypocritical when it comes to rule’s they enforce rules which they themselves do not follow.

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